Hi, I'm Corinne Green.

I'm an artist-turned-designer and a visionary creative who leads with empathy and compassion. I am deft with a pen (or Apple pencil), clever with words and color, and dedicated to telling a story, no matter the medium. 
Spending my childhood weeknights honing my drawing and painting skills, my expert knowledge of color theory, illustration, composition, and conceptualizing has made me an extremely well-rounded designer in the digital realm. As a creative writer and strategic communicator, I bring a deep intelligence and astute awareness to my work, my projects infused with clever language and thorough research. 
A Southern California native, I'm a lover of sunshine, the ocean, and the great outdoors. On a day off, you'll find me curled up with my weiner dogs, Olive and Theo. or by the beach with a good book in hand and some alt-folk blasting in my headphones. 
Check out @corinnecreative on Instagram!
You can reach me here:
Thank you! I'll be in touch. (:
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