Aeithalís is Greek for "Evergreen," a word that perfectly describes the undying tradition of Mastic Liqueur distillation on the picturesque island of Chios, Greece. Aeithalís is a brand committed to embodying the culture and charm of Chios and its signature liqueur derived from the resin of the native Mastic tree, a delicacy harvested by local artisans for thousands of years.
GOLD Medalist | Graphis New Talent 2024
Kick A** Exhibition Finalist | 2024
All illustration, copywriting, and product photography are my own.
Images of Chios, Greece were taken from various online sources.
Corinne Green Design
To emphasize the unique, aromatic flavor profile of Mastiha and celebrate its origin culture, I designed a detailed hand illustration of the Mastic tree and the Chios coastline housed in a traditional arch for the front label. The patterns following the curve of the label are inspired by ancient etchings on the walls of the Pyrgi villages (image below) where artisans harvest the mastic resin. The logo combines more traditional motifs seen in the villages with the iconic teardrop shape the mastic resin forms when it drips from the tree and solidifies. Within the logo, the teardrops coalesce into a flower symbol, connecting the geometric style back to its natural roots. 

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