Meet Juno. Motorcycles designed by women who ride, for women who ride. 
After extensively researching how the male-dominated motorcycle industry leaves little inclusivity for women who love to ride, I designed a brand identity for Juno, a company that provides gear suited to a wider range of body sizes and weights and catering to the comfort and safety of female bikers. It was important to give Juno an identity that is empowering, freeing, bold, and strong – one that paves new roads and carves out space for women who ride. 
With a namesake inspired by the ancient Roman queen of the gods, Juno is a brand that champions the badass and the brave, reminding us that femininity ≠ fragility.
Special Judges Award for Brand Identity in 2024 Kick A** Juried Exhibition | Holly Aguilar, Balcom Agency
SILVER Award Winner | Graphis New Talent 2024

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